About me

I'm Terri, mum to a toddler and four rescue dogs. You will see their faces plastered all over this website along with others that i have fostered and rehomed over the years. 

I started working with dog's in 2004 at a boarding kennel. I went on to study Canine Behaviour and Training at Bishop Burton College and have been training pet dogs since 2010.

I have taught life skills, obedience, tricks, nosework and agility for dogs of all ages, size, breed and temperament as well as behaviour modification for dogs with more serious issues. 

I continue to expand my knowledge with regular training courses, seminars and workshops. If you are interested in my continued professional development, i have listed them below. 

My dogs, past and present


The Doorman

Abused from a young age and forced to live with a dog he didn't along with.
He grew a serious dislike of strangers, children and dogs.
Fostered by me at 3 years old and unable to settle in a new home. Came back to me and gradually integrated into family life. Now 13!


The Flirt

Given up to rescue at 4 months old. Spent her entire puppyhood in a kennel until i fostered her at 14 months old, terrified of the world.
Befriended Doorag who thrived from her company.
Adopted by me and dipped her toes into the world of agility and working trials.


Project Sweetheart

Picked up as a stray on the streets of London. Young, heavily bred and zero social skills with people or dogs.
Her fear aggression gradually eased and she became a total sweetheart and the most sensitive of all my dogs. Now 10+.


My "Turbo Twister" 

Sedated and given up to rescue with one of her pups.
Lived in 'isolation' in a padded cell due to her severe tail chasing.
Fostered by me in the Spring. Adopted and competing in agility by Summer.


My first Love Departed

My first dog. The beginning of my dog training journey.
Bright but grew selective of his friends. Mistakes were made,  but no regrets.
The bestest companion for 13 fabulous years!


"Can't hear me coming" Departed

Rehomed at 5 months old with aggression issues.
Stone deaf.
Bonded strongly with me, trained effortlessly.
Struggled socially.
Lymphoma took her, and a piece of my soul.

Continued Professional Development

Ongoing - School of Canine Science - Behaviour Bible

Ongoing - Compass Education Advanced Diploma Canine Behaviour and Training Level 5

2021 - Canine Principles - Canine Enrichment

2021 - Canine Principles - Canine Communication

2021 - Canine Principles - Clicker Foundations

2021 - Canine Principles - Clicking for Resilience

2021 - Canine Principles - Canine Resource Guarding 

2021 - Canine Principles - Canine Calmness 

2018 - Xtra Dog Two Day Zero to Hero Tellington TTouch course

2018 - ProTrainings Europe Ltd. Canine First Aid Level 2 (VTQ) Training

2018 - Impulse Control Seminar - Chirag Patel 

2018 - The Canine Conference - Positive Animal Solutions

2018 - Canine Body Language - Chirag Patel 

2011 - Barking Mad DTS Graveley Independant Dog Training Instructor Courses 1-4

2010- 2014 - Bishop Burton College Certificate of Higher Education in Canine Behaviour and Training 

2006 - June 2008 National Diploma in Animal Management