Online Training

Benefits of online training

  • Shy/nervous dogs can learn in the comfort of their own home.

  • Puppies do not have to wait for their inoculations.

  • Travel time and expenses are not an issue.

  • Sessions are recorded and accessible after the session.

What we can cover?

  • Basic training, obedience and tricks

  • Relationship and confidence building

  • Sports foundations

How it works:

  • Pre-record any behaviours or situations you would like to address and send prior to appointment

  • Set up a camera and wireless ear phones for live feedback during training

  • Follow the link sent to you via email

One to One Training

How it works:

A completed questionnaire will be used to build a training plan. The initial consultation will take place at your home or via video link to fill in any blanks and begin some foundation training. A detailed plan will be sent following the initial consultation. Following sessions will guide you through relevant training exercises for you to practice with instructional guides and / video links sent as they are covered.


  • Progress exercises from your home to other settings with real-time guidance

  • Technology might not be your friend

What we can cover?

  • Basic training, obedience and tricks

  • Focus and recall in more distracting environments

  • Interpreting your dogs behaviour in different settings

Group Classes

Classes are 60 minutes long with the option to stay for a tea and chat until the next class begins.

  • Puppy Classes (under 8 months) - foundations to recall, loose lead walking, confidence building and socialising

  • Beginners - for older and new dogs. Foundation skills, confidences building and socialising

  • Improvers - Building on the foundations with more advanced exercises. Dogs must have attended classes previously.

If you would like to be notified when classes are open for signing up please leave me a message

Guided Walks

Walk with other like minded owners and the supervision of an experienced and professional trainer. Get real time interpretation of your dogs behaviour and the best training exercises to include on your walks. Walks are 45 minutes with refreshments provided on return.


  • Learn how to structure your walks to suit your dog

  • Help your dog socialise appropriately

  • Practice loose lead walking and recall in a controlled environment

  • Reactive, nervous and shy dogs have the opportunity to overcome hurdles they may not otherwise

Dog Walking Service

I take your dog for a local walk to develop their skills and give you additional support when you need it. Walks are 30 minutes.


  • Give yourself a break from daily walks

  • Develop your dogs lead walking skills over time

  • Take the reins back with a coaching walk when you are ready